What Is Latex Material and Where It Is Used

Latex is one of the most important raw materials in the process of manufacturing natural rubber. There are two categories of rubber available,– natural and artificial. Artificial rubber is manufactured by using byproducts of petroleum mines and also using some other materials used mostly in making plastics and elastomers. Natural rubber is extracted from some of the trees that can release a white sticky substance. This is nothing but the latex, which is to be transformed into rubber in the production process.

Importance of latex material

Many people have a question about what exactly is latex material. Latex is not simply a kind of raw material that is used directly in the processing. To speak about the qualities of latex; it is a substance that contains rubber contents, the elastomers in some ratio of 40% to 45% and rest of the things will be just water present in the combination in a deep mixed form. Hence, it is impossible to move the latex directly to production plants. Latex is released from some of the tropical and deciduous trees that let out a sticky white substance when they are cut open in some parts of their trunk. Although some other plants are releasing such type of substances, none of them is used in the process of extraction of latex. Very few trees, which can grow and live for a long time, are used in this process. Once a tree has been matured enough for some years, they will start liberating natural latex when punctured in their trunk parts that is used in memory foam mattress.

Processing latex for practical application

Since latex is extracted from a fresh tree through some of the collection techniques, it is quite difficult to ensure that the extracted latex is of good quality. Naturally, the place they are found attributes to some of the dust and other substances to enter into them. Also, latex extraction is done in open space where they need to be kept in the bark of the tree and then collected where water will be present more than 50 percent. The important task here is

  • To make sure that latex milk is free from any dust and impurities
  • Extracted latex milk meets the production quality
  • Amount of latex extracted is high
  • To ensure that they are not affected due to activities of microorganisms since they are natural plant extracts

When the factors mentioned above are ensured, then the latex has passed the test of quality and now it goes to the extensive refining process that makes the natural latex be transformed into some products.

Latex for practical uses

Rubber is used in some household items since it is easier to fabricate new things with the help of rubber than is the case with plastic. Even though artificial rubber is available in sufficient quantities, they are not as impressive as the regular and natural latex rubber extracted from the rubber tree. One of the important areas where latex is used is in bedding systems.